Monday, June 13, 2011

Globilization goes High-Tech with MicroMachines Some thoughts

Technology Promise – MicroMachines and the Globe goes High Tech
The endless possibility of technological advancement is an ever mind altering experience. Each day you can read about some advancement in technology somewhere in the world and how this will lead to the next big thing. MircoMachines designed to enter the body to fight disease; REALLY, to me this is both exciting and a little creepy. The real question is how society as a whole will react to this type of true technology if it perfected and introduced in the next 10 years. Will it be embarrassed or will it be an invasion of someone’s privacy what are they leaving behind, are they tracking me, will it affect my job or insurance if they find something serious that can’t be fixed. Will people care?
I hope so! I life there is give and there is take when we advance as a society. I think a real interesting question will be which of the generations will embrace and which will resist. If I were a betting man the elder generations will embrace simply due to the lifetime of seeing suffering from disease. Where the younger generation has not had the experience to see the ramifications of disease over time and will read and believe anything someone tells them about how evil it is. Hey just my thoughts.

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