Monday, June 13, 2011

Globilization goes High-Tech with MicroMachines Some thoughts

Technology Promise – MicroMachines and the Globe goes High Tech
The endless possibility of technological advancement is an ever mind altering experience. Each day you can read about some advancement in technology somewhere in the world and how this will lead to the next big thing. MircoMachines designed to enter the body to fight disease; REALLY, to me this is both exciting and a little creepy. The real question is how society as a whole will react to this type of true technology if it perfected and introduced in the next 10 years. Will it be embarrassed or will it be an invasion of someone’s privacy what are they leaving behind, are they tracking me, will it affect my job or insurance if they find something serious that can’t be fixed. Will people care?
I hope so! I life there is give and there is take when we advance as a society. I think a real interesting question will be which of the generations will embrace and which will resist. If I were a betting man the elder generations will embrace simply due to the lifetime of seeing suffering from disease. Where the younger generation has not had the experience to see the ramifications of disease over time and will read and believe anything someone tells them about how evil it is. Hey just my thoughts.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A compare and contrast of Fantasy and reality.

This post is to show the similarities of science fiction and the realities brought by today's technology and possibilities both good and bad for the future.
Just a side not for Dr. Colongne and my fellow students the music is a parody of our class and is in now way meant to do anything but make you chuckle :-) "Chuckles"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Web 2.0 Sci-Mate

To support Socio-Technical Innovation I have selected a Web 2.0 tool called Sci-Mate. This tool is designed to allow for the open publication of thoughts and ideas in the form of open access publications. Additional function includes the ability to quickly disseminate information for review and comment as well as manage market content for easy reference or bookmarking.
An added feature is the tools can be configured to record all publishing data to include date, time, author, and IP address that the item originated. The owner can configure licenses or limit reviewers.

Wanted to look at a prediction by a futurist that to this point got it wrong. Let’s take the flying car for example. Some years ago it was predicted that cars that had the capability of flight would be the next replacement for the common car. For a short time in the late 70’s and early 80’s communities were built with private runways and garages to accommodate their soon to be available car-plane however they still remain empty. The technological advances and affordability never allowed for the creation of a car-plane to be anything more than a vision.
But with ever good futuristic idea comes the resurgence of the concept. As with this idea there is a new push to make this happen with a prototype that taught affordability and convince with a refundable deposit available.
Will this new resurgence take hold or will it find a resting place next to the original futuristic idea. The major points of failure that are likely to repeat themselves are of course cost. The cost of the car-plane as well as storage fuel and the time/money to obtain a license will most likely be the demise. Technology may also play a factor as the development of lighter stronger materials is available to make the car-plane a viable form of transportation the general societal acceptance is not at a level to allow success.

Tom P.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011